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Stop Abortion In India By Kuntal Singh

Any zygote or embryo is a viable human being. Their killing merely for the fear of losing social status does not justify the outrageous act of abortion which has been into practice since ages. In a country like India where unwanted pregnancies become a social stigma not only for the girl but for the entire community, abortions are considered the most viable options. The cruelty with which abortion is done shows no respect for a developing baby whatsoever which marks the most beautiful creation mankind has ever witnessed.

We have tried to intervene in nature's creations to suit our needs and demands and abortion is the nadir of these actions. We have stooped so low that we longer do not care about the consequences of our actions until and unless it affects us. The medical complications which arise out of this inhuman practice have also failed to draw attention towards preventing abortion. It is for the society to decide where is the end of such lowly acts which represents our degrading moral values.

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