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Life In Hands Of Intimates By Lalit Saxena

Stop Abortions

Scientific discoveries in the modern era have confirmed the truth of God's Word. We now know that there is no organizational change needed for an embryo to become a fully formed human being. At the point of conception, something inexplicable - almost miraculous - occurs. The egg and sperm die and a completely new organism is born - an organism which only needs the right environment to become a fully formed human being. Now more than ever we can be confident that life truly begins at conception and that abortion is taking the life of a human being.

Meanwhile, the practice of abortion has become increasingly prevalent in our society. Twenty-seven to thirty-three percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. Abortion is no longer a last resort in a dire situation, but is often a preferred method of birth control. The most common reasons people give for choosing abortion are the high cost of children, the interference children cause in one's lifestyle, the burden of single parenting, and pressure from sexual partners to terminate the pregnancy. There have been innumerable consequences of this devaluing of human life. For example, since the legalization of abortion, child abuse has increased 400-500 percent in India.

The Gita says that sex is to be reserved for marriage because of the intimacy of the sexual relationship and the prospect that a child will result. Scripture and experience both teach that the healthiest environment for child rearing is a loving, two-parent home. Seventy percent of abortions take place in the wombs of unmarried women. The relationship between sexual promiscuity and abortion is clearly correlative. A person should not engage in sexual relations unless he or she is willing and able to support the life of a child. Children are intended to be a blessing from God to a loving husband and wife. The only birth control method with 100 percent surety is abstinence.

Even so, when an unmarried person becomes pregnant, God's grace can still cover that sin and bring good out of evil. The unmarried parents may decide they are mature enough to care for the child, get married, and raise the child together. Grandparents may step into help. And adoption is often a difficult but loving option for these children. There are hundreds of thousands of married couples on adoption waiting lists who would love to adopt and love a baby that someone else was unable to care for.

We are convinced that abortion on demand should not have been legalized and that our communities have suffered because of these poor judicial decisions. However, we also acknowledge that repairing the damage that has been done may require many complex political maneuvers that could sap our energies and take us away from our primary mission. The best and perhaps fastest way to stop abortions is not through legislation but by winning people to God and changing one heart at a time.

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