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Cordially and with great desire and expectations, I invite each and every one of you who are like minded to participate in this venture of propaganda against abortion. Unmindful of caste and creed, Let us join together to wage a war over this sinful, cruel and social evil and a inhuman deed which denies the right of the conceived babies to see the light of the day.

To become a member kindly reigster your name USING THIS FORM. Once you become a member you will be provided with the promotion materials like Car Stickers, T-Shirts, Book Marks etc., for the propagation of " STOP ABORTION SAVE LIVES" project.


Words From Our Members

* Praveen Gola : Congratulation! to your team who took such a nice innitiative to aware the general public through this internet.Its really a shameful act in our society which is increasing rapidly.Thank you.
* Ankita Mukherjee : Awarness in the urban regions should diffuse in the rural areas, where female foeticide is common. campaigns will be more effective and it should start with the rural folks.
* Jayadev Sahoo : God has the right to give and take life from us. No one has the right to do it, not even the huaman beings. I congratualate you and your team for taking the initiative to uphold the humanity and right to live irrespective of the gender.
* Anand Lobo : This is a wonderful initiative. I long myself to beocme a valued member of the this campaign. Please accept my membership.
* Navpreet Kaur : I am very much impressed and happy to know that there are some persons like you who respect God's wish for giving a new life. I congratulate fo this.
* sathyaraj : i am the researcher in the filed of women empowerment , I would like to participate all the programme, save our god.
* Gaurav Singhal : I Want to Become a Member for this Good Cause.
* Y.CHENNAKESWARI : I have interest to participate in this project Thank you.
* Sridhar Polagani : Very Good initiative for saving unborn Babies.
* Syed Faheem : Child is god's gift stop abortion.
* SINOJ M J : Like to join this project to save & pray for the unborn child.
* Prerana Bisht : A very good initiative.
* Vijitha : Save Life ! It will save the earth.
* Lindsey Jones : i think u should stop abortion completely, as it is murdering an unborn child this should be illegal! its not right, people are devostated they cant have babies, and here are people killing them, dont see why they cant have them if they dont want them and give them up for addoption for people who have wanted a baby for years and cant have them, that way the world would be a better place!!!
* DEEPAK SAINI : i want to co-operate in ur goal...
* Hitesh Jain : It is very good initiative taken and I am proud to join this.
* Jitendra Sahu : I am glad to join you.
* Naveen Kumar K : I really feel proud to be a part of this wonder ful program.
* NIHARIKA DUDEJA : Welcome...good effort...It will help people to stay touch... Best Wishes... :)

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