As the studies say, in India, a country where religious minded and god fearing people live, about 11 million abortions are carried out in a year. Moreover, due to and by undergoing abortions, nearly 20000 young mothers too face death annually. Another statistics estimates that nearly 210 million women conceive in a year in the whole world. Among these, 75 million conceptions are considered to be unwanted or undesired ones. 40 to 50 million women consent and express their willingness to undergo abortions. The most important aim of this web site, as I believe, is to bring under control the number of abortions carried out daily, even if it is not possible to completely put an end to abortion. Like to know What is Abortion? Abortion Methods And Techniques ? Abortion Instruments ? Abortion Statistics ? Abortion Side Effects ? After knowing these facts do you like to kill your angels in future?

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